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Monday, October 03, 2005
Perfect Monday
You don’t hear that very often, do you? Well, to me it happened, actually I consider it to be perfect although a stupid cold is making me a bit dizzy at the moment, so staying in the office and doing my job is kind of hard…So I thought of taking a little break and posting here everything about my wonderful day!

Well, I woke up to realize I have actually “closed” a web building contract! Yes, I will build a website for a wine producing company where my mom works, actually! It’s more of a pro-bono job, but anyway, it’s a good way to advertise and a good excuse to get back to learning more on this issue.

Other than that, today, in the bus stop there was this certain song playing in a certain foreign language…K’s mother tongue, so I guess I really cannot forget about him at any time! Then the new school, the new colleagues, very, very crowded…But tomorrow I’ll attend the festivities at my faculty (today it was for the whole University) and I guess I’ll know more. Up to now, the schedule seems pretty easy to cope to, but we will see later on.

Next, after encountering some software problems Saturday morning at my dad’s office, I finally printed a book I needed for the license paper and today I will actually get to start reading it.

Well, I have to say the great Sunday I had also had something to do with my overall mood this Monday! My mom invited K and I to the wine festival and K actually managed to come. We saw the awards ceremony for the wine contest and for the Wine Princess contest, ate a lot, drank some very good red wine... So never mind the awful traffic K had to face on the way to Bucharest! We had a great day with just a few raindrops while Bucharest was completely flooded.

About that, something very funny that I heard on the radio: a certain sector mayor recommending Apa Nova to buy more equipment to be able to face the huge amounts of water and to try to do something from the moment they get the weather warnings, not when the streets are already covered in water. The answer of the Apa Nova spokeswoman was that they will think about it…Translation: we will swear that stupid politician and forget about getting new equipment first thing in the morning!
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